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from:Yufeng Machine date:2016/7/14 count:741

What is the egg laying block machine plant?

Shandong Yufeng are among the recognized manufacturers and exporters of biggest capacity of Egg Laying Type Concrete Block Making Machine (Model no: DMYF-18A). This is an egg laying type machine.

This gives a production capacity 2160/ hour, and 18 nos of blocks per stroke respectively in the sizes of 4 inch, 6 inches and 8 inch. The machine is of high quality and so the blocks produced in the machinery also coming very good quality.

This type of Egg Laying block machine is easy to operate, without pallet, very cheap. With wheels and can move to any place.You just need prepare about 3000 Sq.m place and raw materials ,then your block plant can open.

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